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A “Lovely” Idea.

As a career professional in the healthcare field, I Love U World’s founder, Jeff Pryor, has as long-standing appreciation for nurses and their hard work.

Back in 1992, in an effort to display his appreciation, Jeff distributed an unexpectedly popular trade show freebie: A "blinky" pin. The pin featured his hand-drawn illustration symbolizing "I Love U World" using an eye, heart and the letter “U” in the shape of a face wearing a nurse’s hat. Before Jeff knew it, a line had formed down the trade show floor--each nurse wanting their very own.

Even now, almost 20 years later, the Blinky Giveaway remains a main attraction at that very trade show.


What’s Better Than Sharing Love With Someone?

Realizing he was on to something Jeff registered his symbol in many different classes with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Between trade shows, Jeff began receiving requests from friends and colleagues who wanted different versions of the “I Love U” symbol--and hence, "I Love U World" was born. Jeff began developing t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories with variations on the "I Love U World" theme selling them in third party online stores. He even developed a line extension that became popular at Earth Day celebrations!

Jeff and his wife Cheri now work to expand the business to include IHeartYou.com, ILoveYouStore.com, and a new website to showcase everything in the brand "I Love You" or as Jeff says EYE HEART U.

We Want to Spread the Joy. Following on the heels of success comes the desire to give back. I Love U World LLC therefore donates a portion of all proceeds to Children’s Hospitals throughout the U.S.


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